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Caring Foundations

Caring Foundations is an online course for anyone interested in learning more about pregnancy center ministry. This course will inform, engage, and inspire you to work for, volunteer at, support - or even help start - a local pregnancy center. 

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Client Care

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For Churches

Defending your pro-life beliefs

What Caring Foundations Does:

  • Helps learners understand the basics of pregnancy center ministry and the importance of caring for those considering abortion.

  • Covers the orientation process for new staff members.

  • Streamlines the application or orientation process for new board members or volunteers.

  • Kicks off the exploratory phase of starting a new pregnancy center organization.

  • Enables staff and volunteers to participate from their mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

All of these benefits and more for only $16.45 or $13.45/person for group registrations

What Learners Are Saying:

Jumpstart your center's onboarding process

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Centers of Excellence University is Care Net's online professional development program for pregnancy center team members: from the board of directors to staff and volunteers. These quality courses teach best practices and spiritual truths that will increase your center’s effectiveness. The user-friendly online learning platform makes it easy and engaging to access the courses.

Tap into the knowledge gleaned from Care Net's 45-year history equipping pregnancy centers to minister to women and men considering abortion. 

Not sure where to start? Take the free Rate My Center Assessment to find out where you are already excelling and what steps you can take to achieve excellence.

"I have to say this training was done very well!  As a nurse, we have to get ongoing CEs for our licensure and I have to say, this was one of the best trainings I have ever done. CareNet did an amazing job with the clarity of information, wonderful delivery, and presentation, and the content was Christ based.....not religiously based (with self-righteousness).  I am super excited about getting involved and look forward to the next steps." 

Registered Nurse - Ashland Pregnancy Care Center

“Loved the spirit of the course--the emphasis on the spiritual dimension for true motivation, success in making more positive and affirming life choices and transformation in Christ. The Gospel has to be part of the picture and solution!”

Virginia J. Greenlee
Positive Options of Holland - Lakeshore Pregnancy Center

Client Marketing Essentials

Effectively connect mission-critical clients with your center in their time of need

Client Marketing Essentials teaches you the fundamentals of reaching new clients at their point of need in a 6 week online course. With the ability to complete the course at your own pace within the six-week schedule, you will walk away with the skills you need to effectively market to the women and men in your community considering abortion.

What Client Marketing Essentials Does:

  • Reveals your target audience and their motivation.

  • Grants insights from pregnancy center leaders on effective branding.

  • Enables you to start measuring the results of your marketing efforts.

  • Includes approximately 8 hours of coursework that includes video lessons, supplemental reading materials, discussion questions, and quizzes.

  • Participate in relevant online discussion, growing, and learning with other leaders.

  • Discover practical next steps for implementing what you have learned.

All of these benefits and more for only $89 per learner! 

What Learners Are Saying:

“For someone trying to take on marketing for a pregnancy center who has absolutely no idea what they're doing (me) this is a wonderful, approachable course to go through.” 

Linde Mitzel
Pregnancy Care Centre

“I enjoyed the fact that this course is specifically tailored to what our pregnancy center envisions and does for clients. It reminded me that I am here to serve those who are facing unexpected pregnancies because Jesus came to serve and not to be served.”

Michelina Martinez
Pregnancy Care Centre

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Client Care Essentials

Equip your team to offer excellent service to people making pregnancy decisions.

Client Care Essentials is crucial training for Executive Directors, Client/Patient Services Directors, and any pregnancy center staff who lead others in serving clients. Whether you are new to client care or a seasoned professional, this course will equip you for next-level ministry.

The 12-week instructor-led class is offered multiple times during the year. You choose the best time of year to enroll, and then you complete the coursework on your schedule! 

What Client Care Essentials Does:

  • Receive the quality and depth of a graduate-level college course, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Complete approximately 40 hours of coursework that includes video lessons, supplemental reading materials, discussion questions, and quizzes.

  • Learn the management principles behind operating a successful pregnancy center.

  • Participate in relevant online discussion, growing and learning with other leaders.

  • Complete two practical projects that will impact your ministry.

  • Receive a certificate of completion to recognize your accomplishment. 

Registration is $499 per learner

What Learners Are Saying:

"I found this was a course that really gives you the tools you would need when starting your new role and would be very beneficial giving direction and encouragement when stepping into an overwhelming, new position.”

Amanda Bowman
Client Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator,
Ashland Pregnancy Care Center

“All of the sections about leading teams was meaningful as I am a new executive director with no training for the position.”

Tonya Thomas
Executive Director
Pregnancy Help 4 U

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Making Life Disciples

Equip a team of first responders in your church to provide compassion, hope, and help to women and men considering abortion 

The courts can make abortion illegal but only God through his church can make abortion unthinkable.

Yet, according to data from The Guttmacher Institute, 54% of women who have abortions identify as Christians. And our research found that 2 in 5 women who have abortions were attending church at least once a month at the time of their first abortion.

Adapted from Care Net’s decades of pregnancy center ministry experience, Making Life Disciples is a ministry on-ramp that your church will use to reach women and men facing unplanned pregnancies. It’s a practical ministry response to the abortion crisis that equips your church to lead with credibility and love.

Through 8 one-and-half-hour sessions, Making Life Disciples will train you to: 

  • Watch for and reach the abortion-vulnerable in your church.
  • Walk alongside women and men making difficult pregnancy decisions, ministering to their needs with love and grace.

  • Connect the abortion vulnerable to the support they need to choose life.
  • Build better bridges between your local pregnancy centers and your church’s discipleship ministry.

All of these benefits for $19.95 for the self-paced course or $16.50 per learner for a group-based course.

For a limited time, get the self-paced course for free with the code "MLDFREE20" at checkout. 

What Learners Are Saying:

"Three churches recently completed the Making Life Disciples course. Upon their graduation, I went to meet with each class. Oh, they had so many questions! They, of course, wondered how soon it would be before they “got a girl”! Of course, I asked the same thing! I cannot believe it myself, but as I am writing this, we have “the girl” right now across from my office meeting with a Life Disciple (We are calling them ‘Life Mentors…’). This young woman had an appointment for an abortion scheduled for next week when she first came to us. During that appointment, she told our R.N. that she had nobody to help her during this difficult time. Our nurse knew immediately that we did have someone that could come alongside her! The call was made, and they have connected"

Marcia Marron 
Executive Director,
Life Choices Womens Clinic, Eustis, FL 

“I just wanted you to know that we trained 25 people... We had a commissioning dinner and celebration on Friday. On Monday morning, one of our Life Disciples (LD) came into contact with an abortion-minded young woman who has an abortion appointment on Thursday. Now she has an ultrasound scheduled at our office on Wed. So grateful for our LD, who has intervened and ministered to this young woman. Because of the intervention, this young woman is now more open... to continuing her pregnancy and seriously considering adoption... Thanks for all you do… ”

Making Life Disciples Learner

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Our next cohort is March 14, 2022

Next cohort May 9, 2022

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Connecting Conversations Instructor Certification 

Better conversations for better outcomes 

Empower your team members to build powerful connections with their clients by expressing empathy and demonstrating the authenticity and respect that foster trust. 

If you feel that your center is struggling to reach clients who are at-risk for abortion , this training is for you. 

Through the six-week course, you will develop the practical skills needed to coach clients facing difficult pregnancy decisions. 

What Connecting Conversations Does: 

  • Complete approximately 12 hours of coursework that includes video lessons, supplemental reading materials, discussion questions, and quizzes.

  • Learn how to practice Permission-based care

  • Discover the importance of  authentic communication
  • Practice making genuine connections with abortion-minded clients through 4 hours of extensive role-playing exercises 

  • This six-week course meets Care Net's recommendation of 10 continuing education hours per year for client care team members and is ideal for both experienced and novice client advocates.

  • Course Prerequisites: Caring Foundations AND comprehensive pregnancy decision coaching training, such as Compassion, Hope, and Help.

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February 21, 2021 

There are 2 steps to get your team trained in Connecting Conversations. 

First - One person from your center enrolls and graduates from Connecting Conversations Instructor Certification ($109). They are then the certified facilitator for your center. 

Second - Apply to license a private Connecting Conversations group for your center. (must have a certified facilitator) $23.75 per learner or 6-month all access for unlimited learners - perfect for centers with 12 or more

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Board Essentials 

Empower your board to unite around your center's life-saving mission for just $599 per board!

The table defines family. It's where we eat and talk and plan for the day or week ahead. The table defines fellowship. We pray and laugh and discuss and grow together. Is it any wonder that the table defines board service too? We gather around a table to make decisions, pray, laugh, discuss, plan -- and sometimes even share a meal.

But what happens when the people have different expectations for what should happen around the table? When no one at the table talks? Or one person does all the talking? Or everyone yells at each other?

What Board Essentials Does:

  • Equips your board members to develop and use a strategic plan to guide the ministry’s direction, board recruiting and orientation, and decision-making.

  • Enables board members to prepare for and lead effective board meetings.

  •  Includes approximately 10 hours of coursework that includes video lessons, supplemental reading materials, discussion questions, and assessments. 

  • Participate in relevant online discussion, growing, and learning with other executive leaders.

What others are saying about Board Essentials:

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Organizational Essentials 

Accelerate your executive leadership development

Get the training you need to flourish as an executive leader at your pregnancy center. You will learn the 7 essential aspects of effective leadership and develop valuable relationships with like-minded peers across the movement.  Accelerate your professional and personal leadership development by enrolling today.  

What Organizational Essentials Does:

  • Developed in collaboration with Regent University's School of Business, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, and the Best Christian Workplace Institute. 

  • Combines the best leadership development advice from titans of fortune 500 companies with time-tested insights from our network of 1,100 pregnancy centers.

  • Includes approximately 14-weeks of coursework that includes video lessons, supplemental reading materials, discussion questions, quizzes, and major projects. 

  • Participate in relevant online discussion, growing, and learning with other executive leaders.

  • This graduate-level course is available for $599 to members of Care Net, NIFLA, or Heartbeat International

Pre-Register Today! The next cohort begins in February 7, 2022

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Digital Fundraising DNA

Actionable steps you can take to immediately improve your digital fundraising efforts. 

Recent events have made online fundraising more important than ever. Did you know that nearly 20% of small non-profits' revenue comes from online sources? Is your pregnancy center keeping up with this trend?

Built on their experience growing Care Net's digital fundraising over 150% in just the last three years, Vincent DiCaro and Ardee Coolidge will guide you (virtually, along with their friend, Mr. Optimize) through this practical, hands-on, data-driven course to boost your online fundraising efforts.

What Digital Fundraising DNA Does:

  • Teaches you how to write a good value proposition

  • Guides you through optimizing your donation pages

  • Shows you how to create effective emails and digital appeals

  • Reveals how to use Facebook to supplement your email efforts.

  • This extensive course is available for $49.95 and can be taken at your own pace. 

Don't get left behind! Learn how you can generate more revenue online for your center's life-saving efforts.  

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