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With more than 40 years experience empowering women and men considering abortion to choose life and find abundant life in Christ, Care Net has created a variety of free resources for you and your family.

Each resource is expertly crafted to equip you to be an effective advocate for the unborn. 

Pro-Life 101

Your 6-week course will renew your dedication to protecting unborn life, and equip you to engage with a pro-abortion culture and show compassion to those at risk for abortion. Each 15-minute session features knowledge learned from Care Net's more than 40 years of serving women and men at over 1,100 affiliated pregnancy centers across North America.

Choosing Life

You know that abortion grieves the heart of God, but how can you help someone considering abortion choose life? This nine-week course will teach you how to understand the mindset of a woman or man considering abortion so you can communicate truth to them with grace and compassion – raising your pro-life EQ (emotional intelligence).

What others are saying about our free resources...

Having been pregnant and unmarried when my sister had an abortion, I can say that the advice in '10 Things' is great advice. I would have liked to hear some of those things at the time.

I thought these daily devotions with the stories used by workers in the industry were awe-inspiring. So much so - I have found the ONLY pregnancy support service in my city and offered my assistance.

The Truth about Crisis Pregnancy Centers

In contrast to the conjecture provided by critics of pregnancy centers, this free report is based on widely collected data, client satisfaction surveys covering thousands of people, analysis of agreed-upon standards and practices, and stories from real clients.

10 Things Not to Do When a Woman Tells You She Wants an Abortion

What does your company offer that will improve or solve a problem? Explain the pain point being alleviated.

Fatherhood Aborted

Men are part of the reproductive process: abortion affects men as well as women. Read to find out more about the effects of abortion on fathers.

Free Online Courses

Free eBooks

Prayers for Life - 40 Day Devotional

We created a free devotional eBook, Prayers for Life, to help you and your family focus on the life-changing, culture-transforming power of the Gospel as you reach out in love to our pro-choice culture.

Each daily reading includes dramatic stories of deliverance written by the staff and volunteers of our affiliated pregnancy center network. These are first-hand accounts of God redeeming the darkest circumstances and empowering parents to choose life for their unborn children.

Pursuing the Heart of God - 7 Day Devotional

We created a free 7-Day devotional eBook, Pursuing the Heart of God, to help you and your family capture God's undying love for every man, woman, and child in abortion's cross-hairs.

This devotional was created to give you a feel for what we are starting to see God do nationally as volunteers step forward to transform their church's response to abortion.
Each day, you will read a powerful true story of lives saved and abortion defeated because of pro-life people like you.

Praying Through Advent

To help you reflect on the glorious hope of Christ's coming, and encourage you as we await His return, we created a special Advent devotional series Praying Through Advent. Each week's reading features a reflection on key scriptures regarding the arrival of God's Son and life-affirming Advent prayers.  


Talking about an unplanned pregnancy can be tough. Sometimes talking to someone you love can be even harder! But we've got you covered. Download this simple, practical guide to give you the knowledge and encouragement you need to speak the truth with compassion to someone facing a pregnancy decision.

Why We Must Be Pro Abundant Life

Why We Can't End Abortion Without Discipleship

Coming summer of 2019

Why We Must Be Pro Abundant Life by Roland C. Warren, president and CEO of Care Net, lays out Care Net's vision for how "pro-life ministry" must be done, consistent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God's design for marriage and family. describes Randy Alcorn's "Why Pro Life?" as "a compelling manifesto by the bestselling author of Heaven, [offering] factual answers to the central issues of the abortion debate in a concise, non-abrasive way."

Why Pro-Life?

Activate your free course!Activate your free course!Get your free eBook!Get your free eBook!Get your free eBook!Get your free eBook!Coming SoonGet your free eBook!

Praying Through Lent

We created a free Praying Through Lent devotional series to help you and your family focus on the life-changing, culture-transforming power of the Gospel as we await the celebration of Christ's resurrection. Each week's devotional reading features a reflection on key scriptures regarding Christ's ministry and life-affirming Lenten prayers.  

Get your devotional!Get your devotional!Get your devotional!Get your devotional!

Top 40 Abortion Statistics in America

Interested in learning more information about the numbers on abortion? We have the numbers. You will be able to engage others with accurate, documented research.

Abortion and the Church Research

A national survey commissioned by Care Net indicates that abortion is a significant problem within churches across the country. Download this important resource today and learn how your church can effectively offer compassion, hope, and help to women and men facing pregnancy decisions!  

How Marriage Benefits Children

Individuals from father absent homes are 279% more likely to carry guns and deal drugs than peers living with their fathers. This free eBook gives stats on 10 critical areas where marriage has a positive impact on the well-being of children.

Cutting-Edge Research

The Truth About Margaret Sanger

Was Sanger a hero for women's rights, or a racist eugenicist? What did the real Margaret Sanger believe, teach, and try to make law? We equip you with in-depth research into Sanger's work and its impact, providing you with hard data about the founder of Planned Parenthood and her dangerous eugenics vision for America.  

Get the research!Get the research!Get the research!Get the research!

CareCast Podcast

Since 2016, Care Net's CareCast podcast has provided subscribers with insightful commentary on issues faced by the pro-life movement. Care Net's President and CEO Roland C. Warren and Chief Outreach Officer Vincent DiCaro tackle breaking news stories and enable listeners to discover what they can do to turn their pro-life passion into Pro Abundant Life action!  


In each short LifeChat video, Care Net President and CEO Roland C. Warren provides cutting edge commentary and insight into pressing issue facing the pro-life movement.

Pro Abundant Life Explainer Videos

These longer 7-10 minute films educate you about critical aspects of the fight against abortion. You will discover:

  • How the Church can stop funding the abortion industry

  • Why  Men have the right to talk about abortion

  • Why The Gospel Matters in Pregnancy Center Ministry


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I Support Overturning Roe v. Wade!

Will you be a voice for the voiceless? After forty-six years, it is time to end the remembrances of this decision, and celebrate its overturn. The time to act is now! 

I am Pro Abundant Life!

After forty-six years, the number of abortions is still approximately one million a year. It is time for a new response to abortion. Sign the Pro Abundant Life pledge today!  

I stand with other believers against abortion and infanticide!

The pro-choice Left now publicly defends infanticide. As believers in Jesus Christ, we know that every baby deserves protection and that abortion breaks God's heart.

Planned Parenthood and their allies promise horrific new abortion laws across America unless we act.


Sign the Pledge!Sign the Pledge!Sign the Pledge!

I believe churches should help people choose life!

Each minute, three babies lose their lives to abortion.

Nearly four out of ten of these babies are aborted by parents who were attending church at least once a month at the time of their abortion.  

As a believer, will you publicly proclaim your belief that churches should take a stand for unborn lives by signing this pledge today?

Sign the Pledge!