After Texas passed its heartbeat bill, SB-8, effectively banning abortions after six weeks gestation in the state, pro-choice activists immediately began promising to create “abortion sanctuaries” for women who don’t have easy access to abortion

Can you believe that?  

As believers in Christ, we must take a stand against “abortion sanctuaries."

As believers in Christ, we know that a place to get an abortion is the opposite of a sanctuary. Abortion is unsafe for the mother, the father, and—of course—the innocent unborn child whose life would be snuffed out by an abortionist.

Yet, pro-choice activists are doubling down on lining their pockets with vulnerable women’s money whenever a state makes abortion harder to access.

California has been especially guilty of this. Jodi Hicks, CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, said, "We’re looking at how to build capacity and build workforce. It will take a partnership and investment with the state."

You read that right. Planned Parenthood and their allies are publicly proclaiming their plans to work with state governments to create abortion-friendly destinations where people are openly encouraged to come for their abortions, and scholarships are being created to help get them there.

But, as believers in Jesus Christ, we know every baby deserves protection from the moment of conception, every mother and father deserves compassion, and abortion breaks God's heart.

Will you join with thousands of other pro-life people in signing this pledge and saying that so-called “abortion sanctuaries” have no place in our nation? Will you oppose Planned Parenthood and their allies’ efforts to start “abortion tourism” to end unborn babies’ lives?

Say, “I stand with other believers against abortion tourism and abortion sanctuaries," by
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