Take a stand against the "national abortion hotline" and create a culture of life 

The federal government just announced it will fund a “national abortion hotline.”

When a woman finds out she is facing an unplanned pregnancy, she needs compassion, hope, and accurate information about all of her options – including the costs and risks associated with abortion. But the government wants to make sure that the only choice she is given is abortion… while ignoring the science about its risks. That’s why the government is using the controversial Title X grant program – a key funding source for abortion giants like Planned Parenthood – to finance their new abortion referral line.

Those of us who are dedicated to protecting innocent unborn lives are alarmed by this latest example of dangerous government overreach. This new abortion hotline will compete with pro-life hotlines that help women and men find life-affirming alternatives to abortion, like pregnancy centers. These pro-life alternatives are in danger of being overtaken by the government’s deep pockets and pro-choice propaganda.

By signing the pledge that follows, you can join others to affirm your commitment to addressing these urgent concerns, advocate for life-affirming alternatives, and foster a culture that values the dignity of mothers, fathers, and unborn children.

By signing this pledge, I affirm my belief in:

  • The inherent value and dignity of every human life, from conception to natural death, and my commitment to uphold this belief in my personal choices and attitudes.

  • The need to stand against the federal government’s efforts to fund a “national abortion hotline” that will refer women to abortion clinics without sharing life-affirming alternatives unless she asks for them.

  • The important role Care Net's national hotline and similar resources play in providing hope, help, and non-judgmental support to individuals facing unplanned pregnancies by connecting them with vital resources, information, and life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

    By signing below, I express my commitment to opposing pro-choice governmental overreach and building a culture of life that supports mothers and fathers facing unplanned pregnancies.