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You can defend the unborn and compassionately engage our culture - ultimately saving more babies from abortion through the information in this free online course!

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Get your free online course!

Congratulations! You’ve signed the petition and declared your belief that every human life is worthy of protection! 

We are so encouraged by your willingness to stand up for the unborn children whose lives hang in the balance.

Now, we’re inviting you to take the next step in proclaiming your pro-life beliefs by equipping yourself with practical truth and the biblical arguments against abortion with a free 6-week online course called Pro Life 101. Each weekly course email will...

  • arm you with trusted facts on abortion and its impact
  • equip you to confidently and lovingly stand for the unborn

With more than 40 years of serving women and men at pregnancy centers across North America, the experts at Care Net have carefully put together this course. (note: this is not a comprehensive training for pregnancy center professionals -- for such training, click here)

Here is what people who have taken the course are saying about it:  

"I think this class is essential. Thank you for putting together this tangible resource so more people will choose life!"

"I liked hearing about how something as simple as getting the facts on abortion can change a person's mind if they want to have an abortion or not."

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