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Talking about abortion can be hard, but Why Pro Life? makes it a lot easier! Make a compelling case for the sanctity of life with Why Pro-Life?, a free eBook by best-selling author Randy Alcorn.

Learn how to answer vital questions like:

What Makes a Human Life 'Meaningful?'
Is Abortion Really a Women's Rights Issue?
How Can I Help Unborn Babies and Their Mothers?

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"Randy Alcorn's "Why Pro Life?" is "a compelling manifesto by the bestselling author of Heaven, [offering] factual answers to the central issues of the abortion debate in a concise, non-abrasive way."

"Extremely interesting and beneficial to all!"

"I'm post abortive and truly benefit from hearing others stories of healing and forgiveness."

94% of users surveyed rate the research as "high" or "very high" quality.


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